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Phil Tinsley

Space Operations Sector

Over 25 years of systems engineering and technical management experience relating to systems engineering for space systems development, exploitation and tactical military air operations. Navy Pilot with over 3,000 tactical hours and over 500 carrier landings.


  • Supported Military Satellite Communications Space Wing performing system integration for the Transformation Satellite Communications System (TSAT) SPO and the TSAT SE&I Partnership (TSP); assisted in the development and writing of the TSAT System Integration Plan (SIP) and establishment of the System Integration Environment.


  • Lead System Engineer and requirements lead for the Ministry of Defense (MOD) HELIX program, for redesign and update to Nimrod R1 SIGINT platform.


  • Supported the Aerial Common Sensor (ACS) program with system engineering, CONOPS and requirements documentation for the Navy version of ACS.


  • US Space Innovation and Development Center (SIDC), Initial member of new Special Applications Branch (CTX).  Project lead for Suter II, applying National signals intelligence and Joint theater assets to the prosecution of time critical targets, specifically “double-digit SAMs,” and the full integration of all Strike and Electronic Warfare assets in the Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD). 


  • Managed current operations for JCS Special Project 99, which incorporated 14 DoD TENCAP like initiatives, Iridium communications exploitation, hyper/multi-spectral exploitation, unattended MASINT sensors, and Grenadier Brat blue force tracking experiments, managing initiatives from 6 Commands and 10 different companies for Southern Command’s Counter Narcotics mission, executing "the most successful SP to date."


  • US Navy 1982-1998



  • MS, System Technologies (Space Operations), Navy Postgraduate School, 1992

  • BA, Microbiology, University of South Florida, 1977



  • Top Secret

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