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ITG Global is a professional services firm providing engineering, technical and business support on a global basis.  Continually changing to meet the requirements of today's fast paced technological environment, ITG Global has assembled a highly qualified team of senior level professionals with broad backgrounds in government and industry.  

Every ITG Global analyst has over 20 years experience in their area of expertise, bringing a seasoned and adaptable crew uniquely positioned and organized to successfully meet the challenges of today's corporate and government clients. 

The experience of ITG Global covers commercial and government markets in North and South America, the Middle East, Europe, and South East Asia.

ITG Global personnel credentials include:
  • Technology Development and Prototyping

  • Systems Engineering and Integration

  • Manufacturing

  • GeoSpatial Applications

  • Tactical/Strategic/Carrier Based Air Operations

  • Manned & Unmanned Systems

  • Airborne & Space Based Sensor Design

  • Simulation/Modeling/Training

  • Contractor Logistics Support

  • Maintenance Support

Focusing on a collection of expertise in:
  • CONOPs Development

  • IT Systems Architecture Design

  • Logistics & Maintenance Procedure Development

  • Supportability Analysis

  • Requirements Definition

  • Prototype Development

  • OSINT Analysis

  • Interoperability Analysis

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