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Melanie McTaggart

Partner / RCM Sector Lead

25 years of US military service and 20 years in the intelligence and space Surveillance arena, 10+ years of experience in manufacturing, manufacturing processes, reverse engineering, aviation logistics analysis to include; source engineering data analysis, maintenance document creation for deployed prototype systems, OPEVAL preparation for USN UASs.


  • Extensive USAF Air Staff credentials in the funding and management of government programs; Program Element Monitor (PEM) for all USAF Reserve Intelligence, Force Protection, Space, and Communications programs (over $110M in program funding), prepared and delivered all budgetary presentations to General Officer review boards, responsible for prioritizing (rack & stack) of all funded and unfunded Command requirements.


  • Communications Panel Representative for all AF CIO requirements. Over $120M obligated for funding of mission critical radios, pipes, workstations and Etools. Insured that requirements for the AF/CIO and Commander AF Reserve were fully developed, prioritized and vetted through AF Reserve HQ and HQ USAF General Officer Staff.


  • Senior Air Staff ISR experience: USAF Chief of Staff Operating Location 1, Chief, Nellis Eagle Operation, established an experimental mission planning center at Nellis AFB (USAF Air Warfare Center/Red Flag).


  • ANG &AFRes intelligence, Red/Blue/Maple Flag, UAV [Predator] and geospatial imagery collection, NRO, NGA, and US Space Command/USAF Space Command Space Innovation & Development Center (SIDC) for TENCAP/MERIT programs.


  • Prepared presentations and briefed USAF Chief of Staff, Vice Chief of Staff, Director NRO (and other General Officers as directed) on operational deficiencies, recommended corrective actions, and implementation status of selected programs.


  • Established USAF/USN integrated mission planning capabilities with Naval training operations at Fallon NAS (Naval Surface Air Warfare Center), Air Warrior Center (USAF Europe), and Cope Thunder.



  • Project Manager under contract with US Navy, Naval Aviation Systems Command (NAVAIR) on MQ-8B/C, RQ-21 UASs and E-2C/D Hawkeye for logistical and engineering analysis of airframe and select sub systems – to include Critical Safety Items (CSI) and Safety of Flight (SOF)


  • Extensive background supporting the US Navy (NAVAIR) on diminishing sources of manufacturing (lead analyst), supported Joint Council Aging Aircraft/Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), EA-6B Prowler.


  • Founder/Owner, Workhorse Aviation Manufacturing a manufacturer of military aircraft metal components focusing on critical safety and prototype components for, but not limited to; C-130F, CV-22, AV-8B.

    • Designed, funded, and built a 25,000 sq ft state-of-the-art aircraft component manufacturing facility from the ground up. Developed presentations and briefed members of Congress, State of North Carolina Governor’s Office, Secretary of Commerce, multiple Federal and State economic development agencies.

    • Lead start up manufacturing company to ISO 9001-2000 – AS9100:2004 Rev B (QMS) certification within 7 months of production start.



  • Bachelor of Science, Central Michigan University, 1989

  • Graduate Classes Embry Riddle Aeronautical University



  • Top Secret

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